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We have over 15 years of experience in Web / Desktop software solutions development and especially GIS Web / Desktop software solutions development. We have also passion to making smart and solution-focused softwares. Thus we started to develop GISExpress. We hope that you help us improve by giving your ideas and feedbacks in this process.

GISExpress as the brand policy have the all source code of its own products, and it doesn't use any third-party components.
Thus GISExpress would guarantee to provide all source code of its own products to assurance and maintenance purpose.


GISExpress Desktop

GISExpress Desktop represents geographic information as a collection of layers in a spatial view, also it allows to editing the vector data with other attributes any time for any layer by one click. GISExpress Desktop solution primarily aims to display & edit popular spatial data formats by the powerful editing tools that continuously improving.

GISExpress Spatial Database

GISExpress Spatial Database is a database based on the relational model of data, and it use SQL (Structured Query Language) as the language for querying and maintaining the database. GISExpress Spatial Database use the Simple Features standards developed by OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) for support spatial functionality to database systems.

GISExpress API for .NET

GISExpress is an application that is divided into a set of functional units such as application features / modules, including topological operations, user interfaces and business logic, pieces of application infrastructure, such as application-level services for geometry data / spatial-data access or geometry editing. Modules are independent of one another but can communicate with each other in a loosely coupled fashion via GIS Express’s API.

For example, the developer can access application data such as spatial features of layers, project properties etc. or can access a variety of application functions such as topological buffer, overlay, transformations etc.