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GISExpress API for .NET

GISExpress is an application that is divided into a set of functional units such as application features / modules, including topological operations, user interfaces and business logic, pieces of application infrastructure, such as application-level services for geometry data / spatial-data access or geometry editing. Modules are independent of one another but can communicate with each other in a loosely coupled fashion via GIS Express’s API.

For example, the developer can access application data such as spatial features of layers, project properties etc. or can access a variety of application functions such as topological buffer, overlay, transformations etc.

Expression Operators and Functions

GISExpress supports many spatial data sources with common Spatial Transact-SQL syntax.
For example you can execute following commands:

Spatial Operations

Spatial operations are functions that form important components of an underlying model that takes input data, performs analysis on it, and assimilates the data to produce output information.

The following operations can be used to create new data from input data:

Spatial Relations

A primary function of a geographic information system is determining the spatial relationships between features. GISExpress uses Dimensionally Extended nine-Intersection Model (DE-9IM) topological model to describe the spatial relations. This standard has been used as a basis for standards of queries and assertions in geographic information systems and spatial databases.